Abandoned dogs, how to help them?

Many people have a fear of abandoned dogs living on the street, but also of those taken by the owner for a walk. Animal lovers generally say that there is no reason for fear, but those who do not like animals still do not know what to do when an unknown dog comes to them. What should you do in such situations and how should you assess whether the dog is friendly to you?

abandoned dogs

Is the dog friendly?

Although people evaluate dogs according to appearance, things sometimes are not what they appear to be. Although its a dog from big dog breeds , it does not mean it’s aggressive! In the case of a someone’s pet dog, always ask the owner if you can touch the dog. With abandoned dogs it’s different, and at first glance, you can not conclude what kind of experience he has with people such as whether a person has ever done something to harm them. So be careful and approach the dog slowly, without any sudden movement. Do not run away from the dog and resist it with umbrellas, branches or similar objects. Do not hurry a dog, maybe it’s not a day for socializing today…

How to tame an abandoned dogs?

Avoid the head. Most people immediately go to the dog’s head, and some abandoned dogs do not like it. Instead, take it by the body or neck, rarely which dog will resist it …

Assessment based on dog’s tail?

It is assumed that a wagging tail is a sign that the dog is in a good mood, but this is not a rule. If a dog wagging its tail and jumping around you, you can say that he wants you to play with him. If the tail of the dog is bent and drawn between the legs, and the ears are lowered, it is generally a sign that the dog is sad or is under stress.

Who will need to come first?

Let the abandoned dogs come to you. Relax and let him sniff you and meet you. Give him a hand slowly to smell. You should not make him do something that he obviously does not want. Do not run towards the dog, because it can make them feel vulnerable. Do not disturb his safety and do not lean over the dog. Clap in its vicinity, and if it is in the mood, it will come to you by itself. It would be a good idea to have some food with you. Dogs are very grateful and will never fail the one who feeds them.

Do not be afraid, be confident but not aggressive towards the dog. Conquer your fear.

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