How to bathe a dog?

How to bathe a dog? That is a question that is for lot of dog owners big nightmare. There are a few of those dogs that love bath and water. Some of them so hate bathing, that when they hear the sound of water in the bath, they run under the bed or table. However, owners know that bathing a dog is one of the more important things for health and dog care. Many dogs do not like bathing. So if they do not have this habit, they will surely run out of the tub in the middle of the bathing. Or it will be so nervous that you will not succeed to make them get in the bathtub.

How to bathe a dog?

So, HOW TO BATHE A DOG? Too often bathing a dog is not recommended, because the skin’s natural fat is removed and skin becomes dry, which leads to dandruff, and its protective role decreases.

By removing this protective layer, favorable conditions are created for unhindered penetration of microorganisms into the skin and consequently for the emergence of infections. The frequency of bathing depends on the length and density, i.e. Hair feature. In addition, dogs staying in the apartment require more regular bathing than those outside, in order to be neat and unpleasant.

It is generally advised that dogs should be bathed for a maximum of three to four times a year, and as this accoupling would be without too much trouble for both the owner and the dog, it is good to prepare in advance.

These tips will help you how to bathe a dog :

Start to bath your dog while he is young.

Whatever dog breeds you have, it’s good to start a bathing while the dog is still young. To get used to that activity. There is no precisely determined age limit for puppies first bath. Usually it is when puppie about two and a half months old. But if it is not very dirty or does not have a specific odor, bathing can be postponed for later.

When it comes to puppies first bathing, be very careful how the dog would not be scared. One negative experience with water and dog will never like to bathe. So, go slowly, be positive and do not forget to reward your dog for “cooperation during this activity”.

Brush your dog’s hair before bathing a dog.

Whether the dog has a short or long hair, you need to comb it before bathing to remove any dirt from the hair. Additionally, in dogs with long or curly hair, comb their hair before bathing. The hair will wrinkle and all the cusps will be removed. Bathing will be much easier, and all impurities will be thoroughly removed.

Prepare all the requisites before you start to bath a dog.

 Before you put the dog in the bath prepare everything you need. Fill the tub with warm water, and than you put a rubber pad or towel to the tub floor, so dog would not skated. Prepare a shampoo, brush, towels … Do not leave the dog alone in the bathtub after you have forgotten something. Because it may happen that your dog get upset or run out of the bathtub.

Bathing a dog.

Wax the dog with warm water, move from the back part to the head, ensuring that the water does not get into the ears of the dog. Apply shampoo. The type of shampoo is very important and be sure that dogs should not bathe with shampoos used for people, because dogs and humans have different levels of skin pH.

Shampoo is applying first on the back, then on the stomach, legs and tail. Make sure that the shampoo does not get into the eyes and ears. You should shampoo your dog twice and wash it thoroughly each time. Because the remains of the soap can cause irritation of the skin and itching.

Wipe and dry your dog’s hair well.

After washing, wipe the remaining water with dry towels. You can also dry the wet hair with the low temperature fan. During and after blow dry, comb your dog to give his hair a shine. After that leave the dog in a warm room for some time. Let it pass for at least two hours from bathing to the first walk so your pet will not get cold, especially during the winter.

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