How to control dogs barking?

How to control dogs barking & why dog barks ?

Dogs are barking because it is simply their way of communication or when they feel the need to preserve and defend something, but the problem arises if this happens too often. The cause of excessive barking can be play, warning, anxiety or fear, a doorbell answer, guarding the owner’s property or, simply, boredom. But how to control dogs barking?

How to control dogs barking?

Some owners also use a loudspeaker operation (debarking). This is a veterinary procedure in which they surgically removed. In England, and in all other countries that have signed the European Convention for the Protection of Pets, this is punishable. This is sure not a good way how to control dogs barking! The surgery carries the risk of anesthesia, bleeding, infection, and scarring that can obstruct the airway. Barking is a way of communicating dogs, and this procedure deprives them of their basic means of expression.

How to control dogs barking so the dog stop barking?

First, stop shouting at your dog: “Stop barking!”, As this can be caused by even more noisy barking. When they are barking, the dogs draw attention, and some of them realize that it’s better that they do not notice them.

The most important thing is to go back to the very beginning of the training and re-train the dog to come to your call. Start when you are sure that it will respond. Do not start training until the dog stops barking. Repeat the procedure as long as the house is at peace, and use the dog’s candy as a reward.

If he ran to his neighbor because he heard the bark of another dog and does not want to come back, go for him, but without surprise. This will make the dog respond when you call him, but in this case you must follow a sweet reward.
The next step is, if it still does not stop barking, you call it until the bark lasts. If he listens, reward him with some delicacy or pampering to reduce his tension and adrenaline, which is also another possible cause of over-barking. Follow this behavior pattern – you call it, the dog comes in and receives a reward from your owner.

Avoid places where the dog is often barking. Remove the bell if the bark is a reaction to that sound.

How to solve this problem with dogs barking?

Adequate dogs training is the most important thing in solving this problem.Practice twice a day for 30 minutes. The fatigue will surely calm the excited dog and less bark.

Today, other methods are used in the world to prevent barking. Telington touch is one of them. The most sensitive part of the dog’s body is the ear. Gently grasp the ear of the dog with your thumb and forefinger. Gently tap on the surface. In this way, move the entire ear and repeat this several times. Use the same fingers to “draw” circles on your ears. Try both techniques while the dog is quietly lying. If it responds well, repeat the procedure and while the dog barks.

Once you understand why a dog barks, it will be easier for you to control it. The reasons are different, but you have to understand that this is their way of communication. The only thing a pet needs to learn is that it should only be at the right time. Loudspeaker operation is an unethical operation and should never be an option. Think about a spray necklace or some kind of alternative supplement, and with good training, it will be a winning combination.

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