Child and dog | How to make child safe?

child and dog

When a new dog enters your home for the first time, you will find the basic rules of behavior for both parties so that child and dog are truly true friends for life:

Make sure the dog is clear that the child is always in the first place. In situations when you hold your baby in your arms should be clear to him that he should wait his turn and he would get your attention.

Establish a permitted and prohibited zone for a dog. This is a completely individual decision. While some parents do not allow a dog to enter the bedroom so that the child will not be exposed to bacteria. Others feel that the child crawling in other rooms is certainly in contact with more serious substances. In any case, the limits you set should be respected. Since children often, despite warning and explaining why they do not need it, pushing their fingers into the mouth or ears of a dog or dragging it to the tail. It’s great idea to get to play with the dog with such a kind of play at the youngest age. So that a dog not react violently when it’s happening.

When a child can understand, explain to him how to pamper a dog. What dog likes, and what does not. Teach your child to avoid screaming when playing with the dog and that his dog does not like when a child is rough on him, therefore, no pushing, shooting things and pulling the tail or ears.

Let the child learn that lunch time should be a time of peace and for a dog. As well as for him. That is, there is no harassment of the dog while eating. Finally, with all the rules and concern about how to befriend a child and a dog. Allow them to come together in their own way. And soon your child will acquire the best and most loyal friend and companion for the whole childhood.

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